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Glossy Eyelids - Yay or Nay?

July 14, 2017 by Palette Team Beauty
When it comes to makeup, there’s no right or wrong on how you apply your makeup. We believe makeup should be fun, empowers you and makes you more comfortable in your own skin. We’re about to review eye makeup trend that’s buzzin lately – glossy eyelids. Some of you may think ughh glossy eyelids? Is it comfortable? Is it wearable? Aren’t my eyes going to be sticky? Well it’s all possible girls, but don’t worry we got you covered on how to rock this trend...

Nontouring Look

July 14, 2017 by Palette Team Beauty
If you’re keeping up with Kim Kardashian West’s, you’ve noticed in the past one year she’s been shifting to her new way on she approaches make up – not to mention her all hyped KKW cosmetic line. Years ago Mrs. West is the pioneer of the contouring technique, spider eyelashes and all that va-va-voom glamorous Hollywood look. Now on 2017, she appears to be more natural by appearing in less heavier makeup and rocking wet look that’s undeniably chic! On May 2016...

Mask Sheet Trends

May 02, 2017 Beauty
We’re obsessed with scary looking skincare trend (most of you have seen multiple celebrities taking over Instagram with their sheet mask selfies). Soaked in great ingredients, Korean mask sheet is now taking over the world! With it’s quick and version of serum that can be used as needed according to our skin type. These Korean masks skin care trend is sweeping social media, beauty bloggers and landing as women’s new beauty regime. Nowadays people are so lazy to get out of the ...