Hi Ladies, Welcome to Our Website!



Here through Palette by C&Y, it’s more than just a business. This is a place to share our passion and knowledge. A place for women across Indonesia who are not ashamed to wear makeup, because they know it makes them feel more comfortable in a way some people couldn’t understand. 

We use makeup to emphasize parts of us that we love, and de-emphasize parts of ourselves that we aren’t feel comfortable with. 

To us makeup isn’t a weapon, or armor, nor is it a shield. Makeup isn’t a facade, nor is it an imposed expectation. Makeup can be used for vanity, security, and power — for good nor evil. Makeup is tradition, an expression, and a powerful tool that every woman has in her possession. Makeup is a freedom. It is a symbol of strength. 

We are real women. 

We are confident women who don’t pretend to be someone we are not. 

We are Palétte by C&Y. 

With Love,